Renuka was the daughter of the king Renu of Kubaj country and the wife of the sage Jamadagni. When the king Sahastrarjuna paid a visit to Jamadagni in his abode, he was surprised by the hospitality of the sage. When asked about the same, the sage told him that it is all because of the -Kamadhenu, i.e., holy cow that fulfils the desires of the owner, which was given to him by Indra, the king of the Gods. Thinking that if the cow was in his possession, he would be able to maintain his vast army easily, the king Sahastrarjuna tried to seize the cow from the sage by force when his request to hand over the cow to him was turned down by the sage. In the scuffle that ensued the sage died and his wife Renuka was injured due to 21 wounds she had received at the hands of the king. At this juncture many soldiers appeared on the scene from the body of the cow by divine magic and forced the king to retreat. On coming to know of the above incident Parasuram, the son of Jamadagni who rushed there vowed to defeat and punish the king 21 times. His mother asked him to cremate his father.

         He carried his father’s body and mother to Mahur and cremated his father there. His mother became a sati. The religious rites were conducted on this occasion by the God Sri Dattatreya himself. However, after everything was over Parasuram was stricken by grief and at this time a voice from the heavens told him that his mother would come out from the earth but he should not look behind. Being eager to see his mother, Parasuram just saw behind far a fraction of a second to find the mother's face over the earth. The upper facet is the present upper facet of the Renukadevi. Renukadevi is adorned with various gold ornaments such as the golden flowers to be used as earrings, gold garlands (putal mal chandrahar, jaymal, etc.), nose-ring (nath), etc.


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